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Our certificate program provides comprehensive training for Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers, IT Professionals, Systems Analysts, Managers, and others who need to manage requirements and make their projects successful. It is aligned with the industry best practices. We make these best practices come alive in a practical way so you can apply them immediately.

Our certificate program will help attendees:

·      Understand the impact of requirement errors on project failure

·      Learn the rationale for Requirements Engineering as a formal and systematic discipline

·      Learn various sources of requirements and techniques to capture the required information

·      Learn an industry standard framework, techniques and methods for discovering, documenting, managing and improving requirements.

·    Learn how to remove ambiguity in language

·    Dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every exercise.


·    Practice through sample questions to pass CPRE-FL exam with confidence.


·         Introduction and Foundations

o    Four major activities of RE

o    Role of communication in RE

o    Skills of a requirements engineer

o    Three kinds of requirements

o    Role of quality requirements

o    System and System Context

·         Requirements Elicitation

o    Requirements sources

    • Significance of requirements sources and consequences of missing    requirements sources



o    The most important information of the stakeholder documentation

o    Influencing factors for the choice of elicitation techniques

o    Advantages and disadvantages of elicitation techniques

·         Requirements Documentation

o    Three perspectives of functional requirements

o    Advantages and disadvantages of natural language requirements documentation

o    The most important model-based requirements documentation form

o    Recognize quality criteria for requirements

o    Natural Language Requirements Documentation

·         Model Based Requirements Documentation

o    Recognize “model” and the properties of models

o    Elements of a conceptual modelling language

o    Modelling and using of goal relationships as and/or trees

o    Learn and practice various modelling techniques

o    Three perspectives on requirements

·         Requirements validation and  negotiation

o    Significance of validating requirements

o    Validation criteria for the quality aspects "content”, "documentation” and "agreement”

o    Six principles for requirements validation

o    Techniques for requirements validation

o    Types of requirements conflicts & conflict resolution techniques

·         Requirements Management

o    Learn techniques for prioritizing requirements

o    Requirements traceability

o    Formation requirements baselines

o    Learn to manage requirements changes

·         Tool Support 

o    Features of a requirements management tool

o    Knowing the five aspects in the introduction of requirements engineering tools

o    Knowing the seven views of requirements engineering tools



I am deeply impressed by the professional quality, depth and by the commitment that Vellicate has displayed in our work process so far. Their approach and style of designing the programs reflect our-way of designing programs very well.  Moreover I am very pleased with our smooth collaboration process.” 

A. Bauer, Corporate Academy,

Fortune 100 Company, Germany




“I’m glad our company chose to make the investment to organize the training—will make all the difference in the world for my projects!”

Sr. Business Analyst,

Top 5 IT Services Organization, Chennai, India


Ashok Kapoor | +91-9035075455, +91-80-42075837 |


July 29, 2017 — 9:00 am to
July 31, 2017 — 5:00 pm

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JP Nagar
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